Keiff Jones is a fine artist based in Atlanta, GA. He received an Illustration BFA from Parsons School of Design in 2016. Jones’ work is influenced by the traumas of his childhood in the American South and subsequent obsessions with soul purification and perversion. Using an approach that includes collage, cartooning, and music, Jones creates a universe that satirizes discord within the one we all share.


Affirm Your Trife 2016 –

Affirm Your Trife is a series of visual manifestations based on self-healing concepts including affirmations, chromotherapy, and chakra balance.

Dixie Line 2016-17

Dixie Line is a series of drawings, paintings, and parodies exploring threats of homophobia, racism, and right-wingers in the South.

Fried Chicken America 2016

Experimental videos, kollages, kollateral created to introduce artist-celebrity Keiff Jones; deconstructing before constructing is a specialty of mine.

Transtrender 2015 – 

Work depicting visually queer/non-binary characters and stories.