Make-Up Mash-ups

A series combining make-up looks with music and art (by myself and famous painters) to re-illustrate and highlight overlapping concepts within the songs and pictures.

Papa Don’t Preach

“Madonna and Child” singing about Madonna and child.


California Queenin’

A presentation of the Mamas & Papas “California Dreamin” (1966) juxtaposed with images by Californian photographer and conservationist Ansel Adams.


Burning Up

Mash-up involving Madonna and make-up bridges performance with comics to tell the story of a woman in dire need for love.


In this mash-up, The grand dame of pop diva pies, Patti Labelle, meets prolific painter of Pop art pastries, Wayne Thibeaud, to sing on the melancholy of resisting sugary foods.

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