Dixie Line

Keiff Jones’ parody “Dixie Line” (“Borderline” performed by Madonna) references art, history, and popular culture to expound on the adverse reality of being black and gay in the American South. By citing Jim Crow memorabilia, the crucifixion of Jesus, painters Francis Bacon and Romare Bearden, and Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress–Keiff illustrates his identity as a red state renegade and history of the consequences he could face.
2017 Mint: M4 Annual Juried Exhibition, Hathaway Contemporary Gallery. Atlanta, GA
2017 Kahlon: The Cut Up Series Part II, Proximity to Dead Skin, EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD
Postcard celebrating the lynching of Lige Daniels, Center, Texas, 1920
1964 LBJ Metal License Tag depicting a pregnant pickaninny caricature.
Romare Bearden, “Memories of High Cotton”


Francis Bacon, “Triptych 1983, 1984”
Laurie Anderson, The Pointer Sisters
Monica Lewinsky, Jezebel figurine
Religious and Occult symbolism

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