Fried and Prejudice

“Fried and Prejudice” was created for MELTED CITY 4  at Blanc Gallery in Quezon City, Phillipines. This exhibition features a group exhibition of 400 artists, 200 from each New York City and Quezon City, alongside two solo exhibitions of curators’ Jordin Isip and Louie Cordero’s work.
1/14/17 – 2/4/17
@ Blanc Gallery
Quezon City, Philippines
7/22/17 – 8/26/17
ISB Gallery
Providence, RI
Keiff Jones
“Fried and Prejudice”
Mixed Media on Wood
November 10 2016
Work signed below bunny ears (not photographed)
Photography, acrylic paint, ink, graphite, pen, acetate, paper, canvas, Georgia voter sticker, Macbook Pro RAM on wood panel
7 in x 7 in x 1/8 in
“Fried and Prejudice” represents the intersection of my different selves in Atlanta and New York City. To illustrate these identities, I contrast symbols from Christianity and the occult.
My psychological tie to Christianity in the South is inundated with evil, hypocrisy and disguise. The acrylic flames set the scene in Christians’ Ultimate Destination, Hell. Here, Atlanta Keiff is hanging himself, buried in the shame of a Georgia voter sticker and a speech bubble reading “Hallefuckinula”–symbols of the anti-queer and anti-black institutions like Republicans and conservative religion. The canvas triangle represents the KKK, one of the greatest forces embracing these institutions and the tradition of murdering political outsiders in the South. In this narrative, the KKK is the provider of this reality.
Whereas I felt restricted in the South, I was able to find freedom and self-sanction in New York. My interests in the occult is its perversion to my authority, allowing me to escape into a world that I once feared. The larger triangle–framed by the layers of painted acetate–symbolizes the occult Ultimate Destination, Enlightenment. From here, sex-kitten programmed Keiff has been beheaded and also sacrificed to the flames. He exclaims to Atlanta Keiff, “Velkum back daddy!” Rather than an act of shame, this facial obstruction of one eye is to show allegiance to the occult. This character breathes playfulness and seduction, a dissociative identity consequence of the trauma of Christian conditioning. The Macbook Pro RAM, representing technology and expansive ideals, is the provider of this reality.
The inked title “Fried and Prejudice” is another indication of the tension between these two realities. “Fried” is inked with precision and attention to presentation. “And Prejudice” is inked to convey feeling and instinct.
The collaged acetate layers provides a texture that represent the remnants from the lifetimes I’ve spent settling this intrinsic war.

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