Pull Up to the Pumper

“Pull Up to the Pumper”
Mixed media on paper
Work signed, bottom right
Photography, acrylic paint, sumi ink, graphite, chine-collé on cotton paper.
30 in x 20 in
$675 (Sold)
“Pull Up to the Pumper” is a mixed media painting depicting a spectrum of black masculinity. To do so, the painting cites figures Richard Pryor and Kanye West as well as Grace Jones, Madonna, and the viral internet hit “It’s So Cold in the D.”
The collage portrait represents my presence in this spectrum, identifying more with the feminine personality. The character is in pursuit of the “D,” or dick. The characters on the other end of the spectrum, Kanye West and Richard Pryor are depicted to represent figures who concern themselves with their own dicks. Coincidentally, these figures are referred to as dickish/dickhead men. Bridging the two ends are illustrations of the intersecting interests dickish men and feminine men share, all referencing dick. These interests are gossip, fashion, entertainment



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